Install Rambox Productivity Suite on Ubuntu 20.10 Edition - A step by step process ?

Rambox productivity suite is a key tool that helps individual Linux users and teams perform better at work. Rambox has shown a higher performance rate than other productivity suites. It helps users connect with multiple messaging and email services in one place. It focuses more on a single inbox. When you connect your services like email and instant messaging platforms, you will be able to check them under one inbox.

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In this context, we will look into how to install Rambox Suite on your Ubuntu 20.10 edition. 

How to install Rambox Suite on Ubuntu ?

1. Download Rambox Suite

Rambox is not available in Ubuntu and other Linux repositories. Therefore, you will need to visit the Github repository page and download the binaries. Here is the link for you:

You must look for .deb binaries on the above page and download them. The .deb binaries are the only ones that we need to install Rambox here.

2. Install Rambox on your system

Now we will install the Rambox suite on our Ubuntu system using downloaded .deb binaries.

So simply double click the binary file and it will launch gdebi installer.

Enter your admin password and gdebi will begin the installation. As soon as Rambox is installed, gdebi will show you the installation message.

How to confirm Rambox Installation ?

Now we will confirm the installation. Go to your system dashboard and try to search Rambox and it will show up there.

Rambox productivity suite will show up as a Rambox Pro in your system dashboard.

How to Launch Rambox Suite ?

Now we will show you how does it look like when it is launched. You can launch the Rambox using both the console or system dashboard.

To access it using the console, you will need to use the following command to launch Rambox Pro:

$ ramboxpro

If you launch it from the system dashboard, you can find the Rambox Pro in the Internet or browser's folder. When Rambox Suite starts for the first time, it asks you to sign up for the Rambox services to connect with your actual services.

How to uninstall Rambox From Ubuntu

It is simple to remove Rambox. We installed it using .deb binaries, so we will apply the standard apt command to remove it:

$ sudo apt remove ramboxpro

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This article covers how to download and perform the installation of the Rambox productivity suite. Rambox is a cross-platform and open-source application that lets you manage messaging and email applications in a single dashboard. The Rambox application is very useful for businesses and private accounts that use multiple messaging services, email accounts, and team management software. 

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