Complete guide to install RHEL 8 updated packages to enhance security

Need to update your RHEL 8.x (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) server with the latest update packages? This guide will help you through.

To improve security of your Linux System, you need to keep it updated with the latest security patches.
When you get your RHEL 8 system updated, the known security issues will be eliminated and the system will become more stable.
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In this context, you will learn how to update RHEL system using the yum command or the GUI tools for desktop installation.

How to install RHEL 8 update packages to improve Security?

To install updates and patches, you need to follow the process provided below;

i. Start by opening an SSH tool such as Putty.
ii. Next, Log into your Server with your Server host, root username and password. For this, you can use the command below;

ssh user@your-server-name-here

iii. To see the current update advisories information which is basically to find out if there any updates available for the system, execute the command;

sudo yum updateinfo

iv. Then, refresh the system package database and install updates by executing the following command;

sudo yum update

v. Once the update process is completed, simply reboot the system to effect changes by running the following command;

sudo reboot

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This article will guide you on the steps to install the software update for all installed packages using the GUI and CLI methods on RHEL 8.x based systems.

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