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More about DNS cache poisoning

This article covers all about DNS cache poisoning attack and how can you help prevent it. In fact, It is imperative that you stay vigilante to prevent such attacks, otherwise you might end up with your data at risk, leave your devices at the risk of malware infection or forced censorship, and even the attacker might halt your security update leaving you vulnerable to a plethora of other attacks.

How can I prevent DNS attacks ?

  • Audit your DNS zones. First things first.
  • Keep your DNS servers up-to-date.
  • Hide BIND version.
  • Restrict Zone Transfers.
  • Disable DNS recursion to prevent DNS poisoning attacks.
  • Use isolated DNS servers.
  • Use a DDOS mitigation provider.
  • Two-Factor Authentication.

What is difference between DNS spoofing and DNS poisoning?

DNS cache poisoning is the act of entering false information into a DNS cache, so that DNS queries return an incorrect response and users are directed to the wrong websites. DNS cache poisoning is also known as 'DNS spoofing'.

Install Wireshark on Manjaro Linux 21.3.1 (Ruah) - Step by step guide ?

This article covers how to install Wireshark on Manjaro Linux 21. In fact, you can easily analyze the traffic in your network with ease. Wireshark analyzes the data packets and presents the details of each packet. One may consider it as a metric to analyze the efficiency of a network that is influenced by network packets.

Best Linux Distros for 2022 - Well Explained

This article covers the best Linux distributions to try in 2022. In fact, If you're thinking of switching from Windows to Linux and are confused about which Linux distro to choose, don't worry because you will have your Linux distro after reading this guide.

Install Docker on Manjaro Linux 21.3.1 (Ruah) - Step by step guide ?

This article covers how to deploy and configure Docker on Manjaro Linux. In fact, Docker is a tool that is used to run software in a container. It's a great way for developers and users to worry less about compatibility with an operating system and dependencies because the contained software should run identically on any system.

How to monitor Docker on Manjaro Linux ?

To see which Docker containers are running and check their current status, type:

$ docker container ls

To see a list of all the Docker images installed, type:

$ docker images

To see the current CPU, RAM, and network usage of running images, type:

$ docker stats

To see Docker's network configuration, type:

$ docker network ls

Install the Traceroute on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish) - Step by step guide ?

This article covers a detailed description of the traceroute command, which can be used to determine the delays in network path responses and look for routing loops (if any exist) in the network. In fact, network diagnostics tools such as traceroute, and ping are available in most Linux distribution. 

How to install and run a traceroute in Linux ?

For most Linux distributions, you'll need to first install the traceroute package.

To install:

  • Open your terminal.
  • Run the following to install in Ubuntu: $ sudo apt-get install traceroute
  • Once installed, you can run the command as follows: $ traceroute example.com
  • Some Linux variants require you to also specify the protocol after -I. For example: $ traceroute -I ICMP example.com

Find "n" Largest Files in Linux Mint 20.3 ? - How to ?

This article covers the different ways of finding the "n" largest files in Linux Mint 20.3. In fact, you can replace the value of "n" with any desired integer according to the number of files that you want to find. Moreover, you can also specify the path according to your needs i.e. you can mention the path of any desired directory whose largest files or sub-directories you want to find out.