The best 6 Open-Source Employee Scheduling Software

The top-most companies and organizations value their employees as they put in their intuitions, efforts, converting ideas into reality to do wonders for the companies and brands. To stay ahead in the game, companies make sure to take care of the well-being of their employees whether it is during their professional lives or personal. Balancing the professional and personal lives of employees is essential as well as critical, if the employees are satisfied with the feedback from their supervisors and top management it enhances their overall productivity and leads in the right direction along with the set vision and principles of the company. 

The most essential factor that leads to sufficient consideration is shift scheduling. Employee schedules are of utmost importance in ensuring the productivity and determination of the workforce. Scheduling helps the managers and the management better understand the subordinates about their productivity, the workload at specific points in time, target achievement according to their set goals, and even the compatibility of the employee with their set shift alignments and tasks, etc. 

Therefore, scheduling is pretty a vital process and needs utmost attention and precision, which can otherwise lead to devastating consequences and outcomes on employees productivity, morale, efficiency, and eventually the organization's positive outcomes and profit. Manual processes of scheduling lead to errors and miscalculations, thus the companies and organizations deploy the employee scheduling software that removes the human errors and drawbacks and assists in focusing on solutions. 

The tremendous tools used by the companies by using the employee scheduling software also guide and help to measure the rate per hour of employees based on the accomplished work and schedules. It provides a bigger picture to the management of the employees of their effectiveness per shift and generates employee scheduling metrics by delivering reports and analytics. It has become a must-have for organizations nowadays, as it is also lucrative on employees end as they can easily adjust the schedules themselves via individual profiles. 

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In this context, we shall look into the best free and open-source employee scheduling software that benefits the companies and accomplish their goals, and drive their productivity.


Benefits of using an Employee Scheduling Software includes:

  • Central Hub for all employee schedule planning, communication, and sharing.
  • Automation in schedule planning and staff availability.
  • Assured employee satisfaction and lower.
  • Reduced cost of employee operations for a firm.
  • Employee Self-service through individualized.
  • Employee Availability forecasting.
  • A constructive approach to time tracking and employee workloads.
  • Reduction in Employee Absenteeism.
  • Reporting Dashboards help analyze employee Scheduling effectiveness.
  • Mobile and Remote Accessibility.
  • Third-Part Software Integrations.


1. Connecteam

Connecteam is a powerful tool that has enabled companies and organizations to save time and enhance the employee scheduling process without human errors or drawbacks making it efficient and effective for the overall companies’ productivity. It has amazing features that assist and make the communication and tracking smoothly between the managers and their subordinates.

The fascinating and powerful features included are 360 Degree Feedback, Access Controls/Permissions, Action Management, Activity Dashboard, Activity Management, Activity Tracking, Activity/News Feed, Alerts/Notifications, Appointment Scheduling, Approval Process Control, Archiving & Retention, Assignment Management, Attendance Management, Attendance Tracking, Automatic Time Capture, Availability Indicator, Availability Management, Biometric Recognition, Calendar Management, Calendar Sync, Capacity Planning, Chat/Messaging, Class Scheduling Clock In / Out, Collaboration Tools, Compliance Tracking, Configurable Workflow, Contact Database, Contact Management, Content Library, Content Management, Data Capture and Transfer, Data Import/Export, Deadline Management, Digital Signature, Employee Database, Geographic Maps, Geolocation, Graphical Workflow Editor, Group Scheduling, Training Administration, Training Management, Training Record Management, Transcripts/Chat History, User Management, Vacation/Leave Tracking, and the list goes on.

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2. Setster

Setster is an open-source employee scheduling software that enables companies to set employee schedules free of error and have smooth and accurate results for tracking the performance and productivity of employees. It also has the capability of third-party integrations using a modern and powerful build that is security focused.

The powerful features incorporated in this open-source employee software are Confirmation and reminders, Credit Card Processing, Customer Database, Customizable Branding, Customizable Fields, Customizable Reports, Data Import/Export, Electronic Payments, Email Management, Employee Scheduling, Mobile Access, Multi-Language capability, Multi-Location, Online Booking, Online Payments, Real-time Updates, Recurring Appointments facility, Real-time reminders, Reporting & Statistics, Resource Scheduling, SMS Messaging, Social Media Integration, Third-Party Integrations capability, API, Access Controls/Permissions, Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, Alerts and Notifications, Appointment Management, Appointment Scheduling, and the list goes on.

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3. StaffRoster

StaffRoster is an open-source software used by companies and organizations to help the overall company achieve their goals and employee satisfaction and keep an eye on their team’s performance and productivity. The software assists companies in reducing their time for employee scheduling by 80%. The software can easily be accessed by the web and mobile devices as well. It makes the process easy, fast, convenient, and positive result oriented as it eliminates and reduces the internal conflicts with resulting groups efficiency gains and eliminates mistakes and errors which takes place during manual scheduling.

The core features included in this open-source software are shift swapping, schedule distribution, resource management, reporting and analytics, payroll management, online time clock feature, mobile access, employee database, employee scheduling, improvement of communication between the human resource team and employees, automated scheduling, vacations and leave tracking and many more down the list.

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4. TimeForge

TimeForge is open-source software that is best for the timekeeping and scheduling of employees, franchise groups. It assists companies to monitor and easily communicating with the employees and tracking the progress on the assigned tasks.

The features incorporated in the software are as follows, Training Management, Vacation/Leave Tracking, Task Tagging, Third-Party Integrations, Time & Expense Tracking, Time Off Management, Time Off Requests, Self Service Portal, Shift Swapping, Sick Leave Tracking, Skills Tracking, Statistical Analysis, Real-time Updates, Recruitment Management, Recurring Tasks, Reminders, Reporting & Statistics, Predictive Analytics, Progress Tracking, Overtime Calculation, Customizable Reports, Customizable Templates, Dashboard, Data Import/Export, Biometric Recognition, Alerts/Notifications, Applicant Tracking, API, Access Controls/Permissions, and the list goes on.

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5. Factorial

Factorial assists the companies in ensuring the progress of employees while being in constant communication and tracking the employee’s set targets, tasks, performance, and productivity. It also helps the managers to upload documentation, documentation uploads, and receive notifications or any other requests to stay up to date.

The core features included are Activity Dashboard, Activity Tracking, API capability, Attendance Management, Attendance Tracking, Automated Scheduling, Automatic Time Capture, Availability Management, Clock In/Out, Collaboration Tools, Compensation Management, Compliance Management, Compliance Tracking, Employee Database, Employee Handbook, Employee Management, Employee Onboarding, Employee Portal, Employee Profiles, Employee Scheduling, Employee Self Service, Employee Time Tracking, Overtime Calculation, Payroll Management, Payroll Reporting, Reporting & Statistics, and many more down the list.

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6. OpenSimSim

OpenSimSim is a free employee scheduling software. The online employee scheduling software’s uniqueness lies in its ability to help managers schedule efficiently without conflict for multiple departments. The employee scheduling tool allows one-to-one communication between employees and managers and notifies all employees of their shifts in advance. OpenSimSim is exclusively available on mobile devices, where managers can also track labour costs, compliance issues, employee availability while creating shifts. Furthermore, the employee scheduling tool allows employees to easily communicate leaves, while competency matching will enable managers to schedule the right resource for the job. Managers are also capable of sending custom shift notes or instructions to employees per shift.  OpenSimSim comprises the following Employee scheduling tool features: Absence Management, Schedule Management, Scheduling Effectiveness, Shift Management and Track Payroll.

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This article covers the best, market-leading and market-competitive employee scheduling software. In fact, Employee Scheduling Software is a digital suite of applications and tools which replaces the manual employee scheduling process with a nimble, agile, and multi-faceted employee scheduling solution.

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