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Install Anbox on Linux Mint 20 - A step by step Process ?

This article covers the process of installing Anbox on a Linux Mint 20 system. In fact, Anbox is short for Android in a box, Anbox is a free and open-source environment that enables you to run Android applications on your Linux distribution. It offers a compatibility layer by executing an Android runtime environment to execute Android applications.

Once you have this tool installed on your system, you will be able to run Android applications and games very easily on your system.

Install Jitsi Meet on Debian 11 - A step by step process ?

This article covers how to install and use Jitsi Meet on your Debian system. In fact, Jitsi Meet is a free and open-source video conferencing service solution packed with various premium features, such as superior sound quality, high-grade encryption and privacy, and universal multi-platform availability. Jitsi Meet supports multi-platform applications for the web platform, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Android.

You can now use Jitsi Meet for your online meetings.

Monitor Network Traffic Using netstat Command in Linux

This article covers how to monitor network traffic using the netstat command. In fact, Netstat is a popular command for everything related to network analysis.

We explored the uses of the netstat command on the Linux system. 

To install netstat, run the following on Debian and its derived distributions:

$ sudo apt install net-tools

On RedHat and its derived distributions, run:

$ yum install net-tools

To get the network load overview, you can call both netstat and ss with the flag -s. netstat gives the output in more depth, while ss gives a summary of the load:

$ netstat -s

Install Python 3.10 on Rocky 8 - A step by step process ?

This article covers the process of installing Python 3.10 on Rocky Linux 8. In fact, Python is one of the most popular high-level languages, focusing on high-level and object-oriented applications from simple scrips to complex machine learning algorithms.

Install and Configure CSF(Config Server Firewall) on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

This article covers the process of installing Config Server Firewall on Ubuntu 20.04. In fact, Config Server Firewall (CSF) is a popular security tool for Linux comes with multiple features such as stateful packet inspection firewall (SPI), intrusion detection, a login failure daemon, DDOS protection, and control panel integration.

For additional help or useful information, we recommend you check the official CSF website .

Python any() Function in Linux

This article covers how to use any() function in Python. In fact, The any() function returns True if any item in an iterable are true, otherwise it returns False. If the iterable object is empty, the any() function will return False.

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