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Best 4 Open-Source Transportation Management Software

This article covers the most Efficient logistics and transportation management software which helps in streamlining the key activities and processes involved in transportation management. They also help in the process of arrival, packaging, sales, product distribution, warehouse, and inventory updating and management, planning the departures and arrivals, vehicle routes planning and vehicle maintenance, etc.

They include OpenTCS, OpenLMIS, Open Door Logistics (ODL), and OpenMAINT.

Best 4 Open-Source Affiliate Software

This article covers the best 4 best affiliate software that ensures seamless affiliate management platforms. In fact, these software solutions are eLitius, OSI Affiliate, Affiliate Pro, and Affiliate Pro Script. All the discussed solutions are open-source and cross-platform compatible. 

Best 10 Free Asset Tracking Software

This article covers the market-leading and competitive asset tracking software solutions. In fact, these software offer either free subscriptions or free trials for its users to get acquainted with the amazing and feature-packed asset tracking software. The discussed software solutions are UpKeep, JIRA< MaintainX, QReserve, Asset Vue Inventory, ManWinWin, Alloy Navigator, Reftab, The Asset Guardian (TAG), and Pacific Timesheets.

Install PHP Composer on CentOS 8 - Step by step Process ?

This article covers the installation procedure of PHP composer on your CentOS 8 system. In fact, Composer is a dependency manager for PHP, it like npm for Node.js or pip to Python. So, it allows you to declare the libraries your project depends on and it will manage (installing/updating) them for you. It is used in all modern PHP frameworks and platforms such as Laravel, Symfony, Drupal, and Magento 2.

Python input() Function in Linux

This article covers how to use the input() function in Python. In fact, The input() function in Python makes it very easy to get input from users of your application. The input function is built in just like the print function and its use is quite common. When you call the input function(), you can think of it as an expression that evaluates to whatever the user typed in at the prompt. This always gets returned as a string so if you want to use numbers as input, you will need to handle that by using the int() function.

Python bool() Function in Linux

This article covers how to use the bool() function in Python. In fact, The bool() method is a built-in Python method that applies the standard truth testing procedure to the passed object/value and returns a boolean value. Moreover, the bool class cannot be sub-classed. Its only instances are False and True.

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