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Install AIDE on Ubuntu 20.04 - A step by step process ?

This article covers how to install AIDE on Ubuntu 20.04. In fact, AIDE is an intrusion detection system that detects changes to files on the local system. It creates a database from the regular expression rules that it finds from the config file. Once this database is initialized it can be used to verify the integrity of the files. It has several message digest algorithms (md5, sha1, rmd160, tiger, haval, etc.) that are used to check the integrity of the file.

Install Snap on Linux Mint 20 - A step by step Process ?

This article covers how to install snap on Linux Mint 20. In fact, Snaps are 'universal' packages that work across many different Linux systems, enabling secure distribution of the latest apps and utilities for cloud, servers, desktops and the internet of things.

Zip a Folder in Linux Mint 20 Using the Zip Utility

This article covers how you can use the Zip utility to zip your folders of any specific size on Linux Mint 20, and hence those folders can be moved from one place to another very easily.

You can run the below command to install zip and unzip support. If it’s not installed already, it will be installed now:

$ sudo apt install zip unzip

Convert PNG to JPEG, JPEG to PNG Using the Command Line in Ubuntu

This article covers how to convert image extension from png to jpg and vice versa by using the useful command line tools such as ImageMagick command line tool. 

Install Packet Tracer on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS - A step by step process ?

This article covers how you can install Packet Tracer on your Ubuntu system. In fact, Packet Tracer is a network simulator software. It allows us to simulate all essential networking devices that are tested in the CCNA exam. 

Now you can start using Packet Tracer to test a small or a complex network topology. 

Install Synfig Studio on Linux Mint 20 - A step by step process ?

This article covers the installation procedure of Synfig Studio on a Linux Mint 20 system. In fact, Once your system has this tool installed on it, you can easily use it for creating 2D animations.

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