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Install AnyDesk on Linux Mint 20 - Step by Step guide ?

This article covers how to install AnyDesk on your Linux system which can be used as a remote desktop application for interacting with different devices and controlling them remotely. Anydesk application can be installed on Windows, Linux and macOS.

Top 10 Open-Source Artificial Intelligence Tools

This article covers the best open-source artificial intelligence development frameworks currently available such as Deeplearning4j, Caffe, H2O.ai, Apache Spark MLlib, Apache Mahout, openNN, Oryx 2, OpenCyc, System DS, and Numenta which work best on Linux and other operating systems as well. Artificial Intelligence has surrounded us. From university projects to the key software solutions being developed in the software companies, everyone aims at acing the new paradigm. Machine learning, deep learning, and data sciences are hot topics in the world of software engineering, computer engineering, and information technology.

Top 9 Free and Open-Source Diagramming Tools

This article covers the best free and open-source diagramming tools that are widely adopted and adapted by individuals, companies, enterprises, and different institutes such as Diagrams.net, Dia, Calligra Flow, LibreOffice Draw, Apache OpenOffice Draw, Inkscape, Diagramo, and Pencil. 

The diagram app is quite helpful and valuable. You can build and visually shape your ideas to the audience by employing intuitive diagramming tools. The users can make beautiful diagrams from scratch with the help of diagram software technique. 

Top 7 Free and Open-Source Appointment Scheduling Software

This article covers the best appointment scheduling software solutions such as Easy!Appointments, Reservio, Bitrix24, and classroombookings which is used in many organizations and institutes. Appointment scheduling applications and solutions are required in every business, enterprise, firm, or institution. There are many scheduling software solutions available where each comes equipped with a list of advanced functionalities.

Top 6 Free and Best Open-Source GIS Software

This article covers top-performing free and open-source GIS software such as GRASS, OpenJump, gvSIG, QGIS, SPRING, and uDig. GIS software solutions demand has seen a growth in the past few years. The adoption of such software solutions is not limited to only the government organizations, space agencies, and forestry management companies anymore, rather many businesses are adopting such solutions to improve their businesses and ensure growth by performing location and area analysis and monitoring.

Install TensorFlow on CentOS 8 - Step by Step Process ?

This article covers the installation procedure of TensorFlow on CentOS 8 system. TensorFlow is a machine learning platform by Google. It is basically an open source and has a huge number of tools, libraries and other resources developed by both its developer community as well as Google and other corporations.

TensorFlow is available for all the popularly used operating systems, viz. Windows, Mac OS, GNU/Linux. It can be downloaded and installed from either Python Package Index using the pip tool and can be run in a virtual python environment. Another way to use it is to install it as a Docker container.

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