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Install the Brackets Code Editor on Ubuntu 20.04 - Step by Step Guide ?

This article covers how you can install Brackets code editor on Ubuntu OS via either the command line or the GUI. Brackets is a powerful text editor focused on web development and especially on the frontend.

Features of Brackets code editor:
  • Cross-platform: It has binaries for Windows, Linux, and macOS. This makes the transition to Linux easy if you come from another system.
  • Open Source: With an open code, you can examine it. And above all, you will not have license problems.
  • Support extensions: Supports many different extensions that help even more with the functionality of the program.
  • Preprocessor Support: Work with preprocessors (LESS and SCSS) in a whole new way.
  • Live Preview: Get a real-time connection to your browser.
  • Inline Editors: Instead of jumping between file tabs, Brackets lets you Open a window into the code you care about most.

Install Trimage on Linux Mint 20 - Step by Step Process ?

This article covers the best method to install the Trimage software on a Linux Mint 20 system. Basically, this tool is very helpful for performing lossless image compressions hence guaranteeing high quality images even in a compressed format.

To install Trimage software From the terminal in Linux,

1. The Trimage image compressor is available in the official repositories of practically all GNU / Linux distributions and it can be easily installed using the command line, using the corresponding command:

$ sudo apt update; sudo apt install trimage

2. Check the version number of Trimage Installed:

$ trimage --version

3. Now for launch the program from the terminal, we will only have to write in the terminal:

$ trimage

Install Timeshift on Linux Mint 20 - Step by Step Procedure ?

This article covers how to install Timeshift utility on Linux Mint system. Timeshift help in creating the backups of your precious data. Also,it is a fabulous tool that is used for the backup & restoration of the Linux operating system, it takes incremental backup after the first initial complete backup. TImeshit creates filesystem snapshots using Rsync or BTRFS. It has a nice GUI as well as support for CLI.

Install Syncthing on Linux Mint 20 - Step by Step Process ?

This article covers a step by step guide on how to Install Syncthing on Linux Mint. Once this tool is installed on your system, you can readily use it for synchronizing your files within or across your network. Basically, Whenever you create, modify, or delete any data on one Syncthing machine it will automatically be replicated to other servers. 

To verify the version of Syncthing Installed on the system, run the following command:

$ syncthing --version

Features of Syncthing file synchronization:

  • It is easy to use through a cli and GUI through Synchthing-GTK.
  • Its data syncing fully automatic – Low interaction.
  • Synthing strives to be safe from data loss – Ensures no corruption on user's files.
  • It is universally available – Runs on both Windows and Linux.

Install and Play Tetris on Ubuntu Linux System

This article covers different ways to Install Tetris on any Linux distribution.

To Install Tetris on your Ubuntu / Debian System:

1. Get your System updated and Ready for Installing Tetris clone Tint on it:

$ sudo apt update

2. Install the Available Variation of Tetris on your System:

$ sudo apt install tint

3. Launch Tint - Tetris like game - within your System's Terminal:

$ tint

Install Tor Browser on Linux Mint 20 - Step by Step Process ?

This article covers how to install and configure the latest Tor browser version on LinuxMint 20 system. In fact, now using the tor browser, you can browse privately and securely and visit all websites blocked by your ISP providers.

How to install Tor on Ubuntu 21.04 ?

1. We access the terminal in Ubuntu 21.04 and install Tor with the following command:

$ sudo apt install tor 

2. Install the browser itself with the following command:

$ sudo apt install torbrowser-launcher 

How to Remove Tor browser from Debian / Ubuntu / Linux Mint ?

If you are not happy with the Tor browser (installed via APT), you can remove it using the command below:

$ sudo apt purge torbrowser-launcher

If you installed it using Flatpak via software center, you can easily uninstall it from there. If you installed it from terminal, type in the following command:

$ flatpak uninstall com.github.micahflee.torbrowser-launcher

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